The 4th International Albert Schweitzer Summer School - A DRIVE TO CREATE

Durée 5 jours 

The spirit of Goethe in Albert Schweitzer’s thought and action

The purpose of the Fourth International Albert Schweitzer Summer School is to explore systematically and critically the creative impetus implied in both Schweitzer’s principle of the Reverence for Life and Goethe’s romantic vision of life. The following questions may be addressed, but free contributions on Schweitzer and/or Goethe are equally welcome. How does life’s “drive for creativity” incite human beings to realize works that make our world a better place to live, in fields ranging from bio-medicine to politics, to artistic expression, peace studies, theology, philosophy, and so on ? How should we evaluate Schweitzer’s comprehension of Goethe in the five famous lectures he gave on the German poet ? Is it valid to speak of a romantic undertone in Schweitzer’s work and worldview, influenced by Goethe and the dominant Goethepopularity at the beginning of the twentieth century ?

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